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Blacklizard/white/red lizard golf shoes


Bari Faux Navy-white-Burgandy Faux Lizard


navy Lizard

Bari Royal Blue wing tip gold toe golf shoes

Bari Royal Blue

roma Black lizard saddle-brogue gold toe golf shoes

Roma Black Saddle

Bari Maroon wing tip gold toe golf shoes

Bari Maroon Lizard

Bari yellow Lizard wing tip gold toe golf shoes

Bari Yellow Lizard

White Crocodile

Siena White Crocodile

White brogue gold toe golf shoes

white Brogue

Men VENICE Gold Toe Golf Shoes-Faux Black Crocodile /white wing tip

VENICE-Black Alligator

Torino Embossed Tan Lizard skin Wing tip

Torino Tan Lizard

Verona Pink Wing tip gold toe golf shoes

Verona Pink Lizard

Bari Wing Tip -Navy Faux Lizard Skin

Bari Navy Lizard

Navy lizard gold toe golf shoes

Siena-Navy Lizard

Black alligator gold toe golf shoes

AnaCapri Black alligator

blacb Brogue gold toe golf shoes

Black Brogue

History Gold Toe Shoe Collection

The Gold Toe Classic Golf Shoes were designed for Payne Stewart by Fore ltd, Don Warner-deceased 2011. Vecci Fashion's manufactures the Classic Gold Toe Shoes Style’s worn By Payne Stewart on Tour. Payne would tear the toe on the right side of his shoe when he swings a club. Fore Ltd designed the special brass toe plate to protect the shoe. Fore ltd designed the styles-colors to coordinate with The Golf Knickers Outfits Payne worn at the Golf Tournaments he played . His Classic Leather Golf shoes Were Hand Made for him / many of his friends on the PGA tour. Payne Stewarts signature shoe is our Capri style Gold Toe Golf Shoes –white leather upper with Embossed lizard burgundy trim. Which he was wearing when he won the 1991 US Open

Goodyear Welt Construction 

Goodyear Welt Construction provides long wear and durability.  The upper is carefully pulled over a wooden last and held temporarily while a strip of leather (the welt) is stitched, not glued, to the upper and inner sole. This removes all stretch from the leather and results in a better fit over the life of the shoe.  The Goodyear welt innersoles are built into the shoe. and have a natural cushion filler between the innersole and the outsole for greater comfort and less foot aches.  This construction also allows for multiple sole replacements thus extending the life of the footwear.